Personal Wellness Assessment

Get Your Body In CHEX!

A good starting point to describe basic personal health and physical fitness is. The ability to perform daily activities with little or no strenuous demand, avoiding injury, sickness, stress and sleeplessness. If you do suffer from the above, unfortunately, these symptoms are only going to increase and could lead to serious health issues, such as heart disease, heart attack and stroke, unless you take action. Applying some simple changes to your diet and lifestyle will reduce your risk of fatal diseases and dramatically improve your personal health and physical wellbeing.

Cardio Health and EXercise (CHEX)

Our three stage CHEX Plan is designed to educate and motivate you to take a positive active approach to your personal wellness. We evaluate your present health level, fitness level and more importantly, your cardiac risk level. We examine the risks associated with poor health and physical fitness. We supply you with realistic targets for each component tested and underline the most avoidable risks factors in each case.

1. We perform a Body Risk Assessment using the following testing procedures. Weight, height, blood pressure, heart rate, cholesterol, glucose, waist to hip ratio and a short lifestyle questionnaire. These tests will offer us an insight into your Personal Health Risk (PHR) and determine your present cardiac risk level.

2. We perform a Body Health Assessment to evaluate your present body state using the latest BIA technology and software. We measure your Basel Metabolic Rate (BMR), Estimated Average Energy Requirement (EAR), Body Mass Index (BMI), body fat weight, body lean weight and hydration level. These tests will determine your dietary needs and Personal Programme Direction (PPD)

3. We perform a Body Fitness Assessment using the following testing procedures. Vo2 max, lung power, grip strength, flexibility and body posture assessment. These tests are used to evaluate your present physical fitness and also to determine your Personal Programme Level (PPL)

A six to ten-week Personal Wellness Programme designed around the results gathered from the testing process is offered. We will lay out realistic goals and targets for each component tested. You can check in with your Personal Advisor at any time via email or text. It is in our interest that you succeed in reaching your goals and targets within your 6-10 week plan, allowing us to advance your Personal Wellness journey.

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