Managers/Team Leaders

Positive Group Dynamics

Turn a good team into a great team with 5 often overlooked interpersonal skills. Just some of the qualities that employees on a successful team will possess but more than often they are taken for granted, under developed and rarely exercised. 

Running a corporate wellness programme with personal and group goal setting will stimulate your team physically and mentally, encouraging team awareness, interaction, support, confidence and self-awareness. 

Offer them health screening and exercise classes for the most logical path towards success, backed up with personal health management solutions and techniques promoting higher levels of wellness and lifestyle choices.

Personal success achieved will come from the dynamics and pier support expressed during group activity classes. Placing employees in a relaxed social environment with similar goals and objectives stimulates communication and interaction, strengthening colleague support and motivation. Giving and receiving support will become a daily occurrence during and long after the programme. To further promote and encourage team development, provide a group achievement report highlighting the benefits achieved as a team with future goals and targets.  

A wealth of scientific evidence confirms the substantial health benefits of regular physical activity on both body and mind, with group activity classes being the number one choice for social interaction and positive group dynamics. Employees who participate in regular exercise are fitter, happier, healthier and less stressed, as a result, they are more productive and less likely to take time off through poor physical health.