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Move, Eat, Sleep!



We are all familiar with the physical benefits of exercise and diet but do you know or even care about the mental benefits! Example…

Your flat out working on a project with a deadline looming, the last thing you want to do is take time out to exercise. You have been too busy to eat and you have been up all night worrying about your day ahead so you sluggishly push through your mental block and consume copious amounts of caffeine to try and stay focused. Starting to see the picture?

Move: Research and clinical trials performed on employee productivity levels showed an increase in performance by 50% for those employees that participated in physical activity during lunch time. As little as 15min of exercise promoted an increase in memory, learning, problem solving and concentration.

Eat: Our brain requires energy to function. Skipping meals or being too busy to eat can reduce your brain power by up to 50%. Having a steady supply of energy (blood glucose to our brain) will help keep you mentally alert throughout the day. A slow released (low-GI) carbohydrate food source, essential fatty acids (EFAs) and keeping your body hydrated will boost your brain power.

Sleep: Poor sleeping patterns will impair judgment, memory, emotions and reduce the ability to multitask. Your sleeping patterns play a major role in how you process and remember information. When considering lifestyle changes for brain power. Sleep is your top priority. 

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Move, eat, sleep.