Corporate Wellness

Why Invest in Corporate Wellness?

Your employees are the greatest asset you have and potentially your greatest liability, motivated by your actions, incentives and recognition. So how do you protect and grow your employee asset while reducing potential liability?

One of the most important but often overlooked benefits you can offer your employees is the benefit of good personal health. Giving your employees access to trained professionals to help solve and prevent a host of personal wellness issues can be of tremendous importance to both you the employer and your employees. Establishing a well-run proactive wellness plan shows your employees you care, and offers them a confidential avenue to personal health assistance, aiding long-term productivity for your company while promoting increased employee confidence, commitment and job satisfaction. Strengthening your greatest asset!

Sacrificing human resources to run an employee wellness plan isn’t necessary. We take full control of setting up and implementing your employee wellness programme, leaving you to do what you do best. We combine our screening service with our coaching service, providing the most logical path towards educating and motivating your employees to take a positive active approach to personal wellness.

Three steps to success…

1-Screening. We call to your department to perform the individual screening process. Each employee will have the opportunity to meet with a wellness specialist to discuss their health and fitness goals and general wellbeing.

2-Action. We provide your employees with a personal wellness action plan and onsite group activity classes. During their participation in the programme all employee's will have full support via E- Coaching.

3-Results. An integral part of our service is following up and monitoring the individuals progress and promoting advancement in personal goals and targets, including a free assessment held at one of our personal wellness venues.

At the end of each wellness programme you the employer will receive an overall achievement report, listing group progress for each component tested with before and after results. You will see clearly, the progress made by your employees and clear guidance towards your next steps to maintaining a healthier happier workforce. Personal information and personal results are not disclosed in this report. All individual employee results, goals and targets are confidential. The report represents a collective measurement of results and progress.

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